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  • What is a Discovering Network asbl?

    A non profit association under the Belgium law. The statutes are published in the Moniteur Belge. All information on the legislation govering all ASBL in Belgium law is found http://www.loi-asbl.be/
  • Is a Discovering Network asbl carrying out commercial transactions?

  • I like the idea. How can I make a Discovering Network in my country or city?

  • Why Greece and Cyprus?

  • Do you accept sponsorship?

  • "Can I pay my membership by on line banking?

  • Membership: I filled in the application form and proceed in the payment- How I will get my card?

  • Membership annual subsciption?

  • I have just joined as a Member and want to use today my card. Is the Membership valid straight away?

  • I lost my membership card. What can I do?