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Jumpstart your DISCOVERING career

We are currently looking for

  • Web intern
  • Administrative
  • Accounting assistant
  • Event assistant

To be an intern at A DISCOVERY NETWORK you must be over 18 and be studying towards or have completed your degree in economics, law, publishing, journalism, business management, gastronomy, commerce, health studies, policy making or other relevant discipline.

Interns are expected to plan, design and execute on-going projects or their own projects from start to finish with the help and support of the onsite members or with particular “coaches”. If you’re looking for a unique experience and complete control of your own project, this option will give you the freedom to choose your area and research and action focus.

We’ll even help you publish your results at the end of your study.

How you’ll benefit

Interns participate in a voluntary movement that has concrete aims and objectives. You will be part of the team and your voice will be heard. Upon finishing your internship, you’ll have a sense of team work and achievement while your skills and knowledge will have been further enhanced. You will also practice in presenting your work to your peers and report writing.
The work is done individually- Internships are for a minimum of three months. If you need help picking a project, have a look at our activities to get an idea.

Apply for an internship

Please read the information on the volunteer page before applying for a place at our scientific research station. We reply to all enquiries within three working days – please check your spam if you haven't received a response.