vamvakas bakery

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In 1939 George Vamvakas graduated from a Commercial school in Thessaloniki, decides to deal with the art of bakery. Until then bakeries baked food and bread that was prepared at home. They operated with woods.

The Bakery opened its doors in the center town of Kozani Greece with the sign over the door 'Bakery Vamvaka' depicting an ear of grain next to it.  When the war started the bakery was undertook to produce bread for the army, the kouramana but in 1941 during the German occupation the bakery was requisitioned and had to produce bread for the German army. The years during occupation passed with many difficulties and limited work. After the liberation in 1944, work began to rise. White bread in a mold was produced which was a best seller.

The whole family was working in: the eldest son Petros, Dimitris, and the younger Thanasis, who was selling bread and was in charge of cashier. The daughters Kaiti and Aggeliki were helping as well.

In the early 1960s the progressive businessman George Vamvakas, replaced the oven with a new Industrial oven, which operated with electricity. He was the first industrial oven worked in Kozani.

In this period bakery had another success, which was based in a new recipe of his son Petros: he made tiropita (individual cheese pies) with grated cheese and another secret! Ingredient, and it was so delicious that people queued to buy one.

And they still do today as George, the son of Thanasis continues the bakery with the participation of the family: his mother Helen, the wife of George, Maria, aunt Angela. They keep alive the tradition of 76 years and we hope the bakery will continue this tradition even with the youngest generation, notably the children, Thanasis and Jordan, great grand children of  the founder.


Thank you to Mr. John Korkas, a friend of the family and folklorist that wrote the story of the Bakery and Mrs Fani Ftaka for the photo material