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KLOSTI: Contemporary creations handmade in Greece

KLOSTI is an online platform that brings to you contemporary creations for yourself, your home and your loved ones – all inspired by Greece’s cultural heritage. KLOSTI is not just an eshop that sells Greek gifts; it is a social business with a mission to support independent artists/craftsmen and their communities so that they may continue to live off their talent and flourish artistically.

Everything you see on KLOSTI is produced at either an one-person workshop or a small-business, in a small rural or urban communities in places as diverse as Soufli in the north-eastern border with Turkey, Chania in Crete, Ikaria in the Dodecanese and Nafpaktos in western Greece. In these, so-to-speak magic workshops, skilled artisans put love and turn earth into beautiful ceramics, they shape wood into toys and they turn thread into fabric – this is how beautiful things come into life. Whether it is a birthday or nameday, a wedding or a baptism, thanks to KLOSTI you can now order online and in just a few days have a unique gift right at your doorstep. And for your loved ones that live outside of Belgium, KLOSTI sends the gift directly to them!

KLOSTI derives its name from the Greek word for thread “Κλωστή” (pronounced: klo - stί). We are like a thread that connects you with independent craftsmen; just like a thread sews different pieces of cloth together, KLOSTI unites in an invisible way the craftsmen, us, you and your loved ones wherever they reside.

Thank you for your interest at KLOSTI, we can’t wait to meet you online!